Art Contest

Have you ever wanted to design the artwork for a snowboard?  Well now is your chance!

We are inviting everyone to bring your ideas to life in the first ever Affinity Snowboard Company art contest.  This contest runs from November 3rd till December 3rd 2020.  Click the link on the left for for more details.

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Since 1993

Building more than boards


When we build our snowboards, we do it with the rider in mind.  All of our boards are designed and engineered in North America, and tested by us and our team of riders in Colorado, Minnesota and Massachusetts.  This allows us to develop boards with all types of riders in mind.

We are constantly experimenting with new materials, construction types, shapes and cambers to make sure you have all the options you will need when choosing one of our decks to add to your quiver.

We build more than boards... we build relationships!


Evo Core


Our patent pending evolite core was born while trying to fix another issue. We were trying to remove fiberglass from our design to come up with a lighter alternative. We were experimenting with innegra and other composites and found that by itself as a replacement for fiberglass, it did not provide enough structure. Dan was brainstorming on his back porch in early 2017 and wondered “what if we split the core”. Then in June 2018 the idea came to reality when Dan built
the first prototype while we were visiting manufacturers in Asia. They all thought we were crazy, but when we got it on snow the results were AMAZING! A 159 cm snowboard that is 5lbs that is durable and super playful. Stay tuned for what we come up with next.

Available fall of 2019

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