First annual snowboard design contest

Welcome to the 1st Annual Affinity Snowboard Company art contest!

Have you ever wanted to design the artwork for a snowboard?  Well now is your chance!

We are inviting everyone to bring your ideas to life in the first ever Affinity Snowboard Company art contest.  The rules are very simple and can be found to the right!

This contest runs from November 3rd till December 3rd 2020. Just upload your artwork in the form below to send us your design! Please only send us one submission. 

The Affinity Crew will review every submission, and select 4 semi-finalists on December 5th 2020.  We will then post the semi-finalists on our own social media and let the world decide who shall be selected as the winner.  The winner will be announced January 5th 2021 so tell all your friends to vote, because if you are the winner, we will be hand building your snowboard and sending it to you.  We may also decide to enter your board into production, and of course that will mean some legal stuff that will be discussed later.

What a better way to see 2020 off and look forward to something new for 2021… like your own artwork on one of our snowboards…


  1. This contest is open to anyone in the world and we don’t care much about pronouns so if you are alive and breathing, that’s really all that matters to us.
  2. PLEASE READ THIS ONE CAREFULLY!  Our assumption is that you have a basic grasp on modern graphic design programs, therefore we do ask that you submit your artwork in either PSD, PSB or AI formats @ or above 300 dpi and in the correct size (for example with a 160 cm snowboard the artwork should be at least 65 inches long and 14 inches wide to print properly for snowboard production).
  3. Do not use someone else’s work with out citing them period… HARD STOP!  Your submission will immediately be rejected if we find out you are “borrowing” someone else’s work and passing it off as your own.
  4. In relation to rule #2, please don’t send us a doddle from your ipad.  If you are having trouble getting your artwork into a format that can be used, please just email a photo of it to deekker@affinitysnowboards and we can go from there.
  5. The official font for Affinity Snowboards is Copperplate Bold Gothic, and the second F in “Affinity” is always backwards.  You don’t need to use our font, we just wanted you to know what it was, but please make sure the 2nd F is backwards.  Also, we generally color match the topsheet backwards F and the base backwards F to eachother.
  6. If you are the type to do social media, and we certainly encourage you to do so, please post with the following #’s.  #affinityartproject #affinityforsnow #affinitysnowboards
  7. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!  Seriously, why else would you do this?
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