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Powder Pilot

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This is the Pow Slayer! Just like the name suggests this board will make you feel like you are flying through the powder. With a minimal camber between the feet to an early rise nose, the apex of the camber being closer to the back foot, this board will float very easy and also give you some pop when you need it.

**Currently being produced as ordered, please allow 2-3 weeks for production.**


Product Details:


Flex - 7/10

Shape: This is our directional shape specifically for powder, yet due to the camber profile carves pretty well on groomers. The camber is set back closer to the back foot so that you get more pop and response in powder.

Core: Basswood / Poplar  for a light, poppy, and responsive ride

Laminates: 20 oz triaxial fiberglass on the top and bottom of the core and a carbon x network running from the contact points to right behind the inserts makes this board extremely stable at high speeds, especially when coming out hot through chundery conditions. 

Sidewalls: 60d urethane sidewalls are durable and reduce chatter.

Base: Sintered 4001 grade is one of the most durable materials in the industry. Great wax absorption and extremely fast.

Binding Compatibility: 2x5 in front and back


Product Specs: